Brunch Ready…

DSCF2520I absolutely love the month of March.  Many may say because it’s my birthday month, but really it’s the beautiful springtime flowers.  Okay, and because it’s my birthday month too!  Today’s outfit was inspired by my Walmart Freesia color purse.  I threw this striped black and white with a hint of yellow dress together just in time for Sunday Brunch.  When I found this dress, I didn’t have time to try it on in the store but I knew it was coming home with me.  This size 22 Voir Voir dress is a form fitting dress that I love!  Sometimes I don’t like stripes because of my stomach area, but this dress won me over. I shop everywhere because you never know where you may find quality, a great deal, and fabulous fashion. This entire outfit was under $100 dollars and I ready for my Sunday Brunch.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!



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Photo Credit: Elaine Hicks