“You Only Live Once”~Clay Adventures


I believe that since you only live once, live life to the fullest.  That’s what I do! Yesterday 3 friends and I went ceramic making in El Cerrito, CA. It was one of my friends birthday and she has always wanted to go clay making like in the movie Ghost, to bad it was all ladies (LoL).  The place we went to is called Play with Clay.

This was my first time doing an ceramic class and who  knew it would be a 3 step process to make my creation. First you make whatever you want out of clay and decorate it. Then 3 weeks later you come back to glaze it and you come back a week later to pick it up. It’s a long process,  but I know it’s worth it. Our class was 3 hours long,  which is enough time to make 2 to 3 clay creations. I decided to make 2, an ice cream bowl and a cup.




Here are 5 things you should know before jumping right into a clay making class.
1. Wear something that is comfortable and you don’t care if it gets dirty.
2. Go at a time where your nails aren’t done. The clay gets all in your nails and is really messy.
3. Go with a group of friends! Our instructor said 4 is the perfect number because she can easily help everyone.
4. Get some ideas of what you want to make before hand. I knew I wanted to make a ice cream bowl.
5. Make sure you wear a head scarf, hat, or tie your hair up. The clay gets messy.

Have a great day!  I had so much fun, let me know if you ever go. Here’s some pictures from yesterday.




My Ice Cream Bowl

Fancydime’s Friday Night

IMG_0090 (1)

Just another Fancydime Friday! This week has been very long so it’s time for me to take myself to Happy Hour.  I woke up this morning and put on this sexy but work friendly black dress to run errands in and meet up with my friends later to get drinks.  This dress is from Ideel (I believe it’s sold out, but they have many other options).  It is very comfortable, the material is mesh like.  The dress is sheer but has a slip under it.  I am wearing a size 3X and spanx panties with this, just to hold everything in.  I think every gal needs a pair no matter what size.  I simply paired this all black dress with my heels from ROSS (similar from DSW) and some San Fran street jewelry. It’s always great to get a bargin and support street vendors.  Everyone needs a black dress in their closet especially one you can wear to work all the way to happy hour.

I  hope you have a beautiful weekend.  Remember that Curvaceous and Plus Size Women are TOP of the line and nothing less, Always, 2SNAPS to that!



Photo Credit:Chika Emeka



H&M’s Leopard Maxi Dress~Size Doesn’t Matter


Who knew that I could fit clothes in H&M!  A long time ago I remember that one of my friends worked at H&M and she told me that have XL and XXL, and I bought a pair of joggers then.  But I haven’t returned back until last week when I went with my two guy friends.   Originally I was going shopping to help them find an outfit for the Jill Scott concert and ended up eyeing a cute leopard print and a military green maxi dress that had my name all over it.  I literally walked over and felt the stretch material and knew it would fit me. The dresses only come in sizes S-L, but I didn’t care.  Quick Sidenote: Learn how to eye material and clothing.  Usually stretch material will fit to your size.  If it’s something that I like I always look at it and feel the material to see if it fits.  In this case I grabbed a L, went into the try on room and was like its to BIG! My thoughts inside my head was like get it girl, I lost weight!  But I knew that it was the material which is fine with me because I love myself.  I decided to try on a medium and loved it.  I wore my H&M Dress paired it with my Ross Dress For Less black purse and cute Nordstrom Rack sandals.

Next time you go inside H&M don’t just walk over to the accessories part of the store, go see what clothes you can wear.  Let me know if you find any other pieces that work for the curvy plus size women.




Remember that Curvaceous and  Plus Size Women are Top of the Line, Always, 2SNAPS to that!


Photo Cred:Chika Emeka

Target’s Multi Print Dress


Any day is a great day when you walk into Target to get one thing, then you find a ton of other things that you don’t really need. We’ll I needed this cute Multi Print dress and bought it!  It seems like every girl from straight size to plus size has this exact dress.  I fell in love with this multi print, it reminds me of African print which I love.  This dress fits perfectly for me and comes in sizes S to XXL.  I wore this dress last weekend for my birthday game night.  It is comfortable and the plus is the front zipper, if you want to be a little sexier you can zip it down a bit or you can leave it zipped up.  It wasn’t hard to match this Target Dress with my white Forever21 purse and throw on my black Payless Shoes.  Hope you enjoy my outfit of the day.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are Top of the line and nothing less, Always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!



Mini Vacation ~ Top 5 Items to Bring to Wear

This spring I told myself that I was going to do 3 things; show some more skin, be confident in who I am and love myself more and more every day. Since I turned 31 years old two weeks ago I continued to celebrate my birthday last weekend by traveling with my girls on a mini vacation to Vegas! Las Vegas was so much fun and I enjoyed my 4 days in “sin city” LOL.

When traveling on a mini vacation these are the top 5 items I always bring to wear:
1. Under Garments: I always make sure that I wear some type of spanx or shaper under my outfits. I brought 3 different shapers on this mini vacation that I found all at Walmart (full body shaper, shorts shaper, and panty shaper). They are all true to size, I got a 3x in all of them and they are made by Maidenform. Also a strapless bra is necessary, and you already know to invest in good bra.

2. Black Dress: You never can go wrong with a cute black dress. I decided to bring this all black peplum dress with lace at the top that I bought at ROSS. It really fits me well. Also I wore a lace top (Macy’s), leporad bra (Lane Bryant), black skirt (Forever21) size large, Purse (ROSS).

3. Shorts: I love having a good pair of comfortable shorts to show off my thick thighs. I brought my Torrid shorts that I bought last summer. I paired it with this beige Lane Bryant shirt and Payless heels.

4. Day Dress: I brought a green maxi dress that I got from a small boutique in Oakland and a cute black day dress that I just got from Lane Bryant.

5. Swimwear: For this mini vacation I decided to bring two options for swim wear. I mixed and matched my bottom and bikini top. My first look is a mint green bikini top that I got at Forever21 in the plus size section. I am wearing a 3x in it.

The second look is a purple top from Walmart. Originally this purple top had straps, but I made it strapless (it looked better). Side note: I wore strapless Lane Bryant bras with my swimsuits.
20140330_143817 (1)

The hot pink bottoms are from Lane Bryant (I’m wearing a size 22). They are very comfortable and hold everything in. I love them!


I hope you enjoyed my mini vacation outfits. Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!



Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I asked myself should I buy something new or find something in my closet? I decided to find something in my closet.
When you haven’t wore something in a while it becomes new all over again, that’s how I feel about this cute floral patterned dress that I found last year at Macy’s. This year I’m living the single life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up on Valentine’s Day, because Lord knows I am!!!
When I originally wore this dress, it was worn in a country-chic type of way. For my birthday, I went horseback riding and this dress was paired with a vest, cow girl boots, and a cow girl hat. As you can tell – I was really into the cowgirl theme at the time. I even took it as far as going to Napa! That was a memorable birthday. Now, I plan to wear this again, in a more curvaceous cute way – simple with a cardigan and low nude heel. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!



My Birthday Outfit

My Birthday Outfit

Dress:Macy’s Women|Cardigan:TJMaxx|Heels:Payless
Photo taken by Elaine Hicks

WorkFlow Attire

Since I direct an After School Program my workflow attire could be casual, dressed up or business professional. I try to plan my outfits out the day before but that never works, so most of the time all my outfits are chosen in the morning. Most of the time I’m rushing, but the outfit choice still look decent.

The pictures that I’m showing you are last weeks workflow attire? How do you choose your workflow outfit? I hope you enjoy!




Skirt/Tank Top/Cardigan: Target|Boots:Forever21

Aztec Shirt/Boots:Forever21|Skirt:Lane Bryant|Tank Top: Target

Blazer/Shoes:Lane Bryant|Skater Skirt:Torrid| Purse:Forever21

Dress/Necklace: Forever21|Jean Jacket: Random