Summertime Vibes +Rebdolls

Life is too short to not have happiness! I woke up feeling confident, excited and knowing that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I went to Point Richmond, California to take a few pictures in my Rebdolls full of sunshine outfit. I am wearing a 3X Skirt (sold out), with all the material I could have size down 2X, but it still fits well. I am wearing a 4X in the top, I decided to size up one size because sometimes with my boobs and the way it needs to be tied around me I wanted to make sure it fits correctly. I would say it was a perfect fit for a person that that wears a 22/24. I absolutely love the flutter sleeves.

We have to continue to encourage each other. Life is beautiful and we have to continue to spread hope, love, peace, Joy and happiness. With everything going on in the world today we have to learn how to love genuinely, forgive whole heart fully and live life to the fullest! All I can say is Be Yourself, Have Confidence and LIVE.



📷 LA Baez Photography

Melanin Vibes × Vibrant Colors

This past weekend was full of sunshine and positive vibes! On Saturday I decided to spontaneously take some pictures with a photographer named Amir who has been shooting for about 3 months. We decided to take a couple of shoots in West Oakland at the Shoreline. This is truly a hidden venue, the beach feel and the view of the Bay Bridge just gave me a serene atmosphere with positive energy. Amir’s photography captured my each moment, my vibrant colors, his eye for photography is amazing!

The other day someone asked me where do you get your confidence from? I told them from within, its my melanin that pops… my beautiful chocolate skin that gives me life! I love my smile and to smile especially in the mirror brings positive affirmations out my mouth. Cardi B said it perfectly “my biggest competition is myself”. Make sure to live the best you, have positive energy and surround yourself around good vibes.

Outfit deets:

Watermelon purse

Denim shirt (similar)

Skirt:Fashion to Figure

Remember that Curvaceous and Plus size women are Top -of-the-line, Nothing less, ALWAYS, 2 Snaps to that!




When I travel having new swimsuits means a lot! I really wanted a bathing suit that fits good, but ordering online is a hit or miss for a plussize beauty like myself. After searching for a while I found this Tadaao Racerback one piece swimsuit from Amazon! I wanted a plain color bathing suit that I could put Fancydime across the front for my 35th birthday to Barbados. After I bought the swimsuit, I just went to the mall and got it added.

This Amazon swimsuit comes in 4 colors; wine red, black, navy blue, and light blue only for 21.99. The fit is tight but felt great on my body. I’m wearing a size 22/24. Every day I’m loving all my curves, rolls and thickness more and more. Confidence is built from the inside, love who you are and look in the mirror and say Yassss to all the beauty! Since I’ve been in Barbados the men have been calling me “Sugar”, they say I look sweet.

Plus size and Curvaceous women are TOP of the line and nothing less, Always 2SNAPS to that!



Ashley Stewart’s Rose Print Dress

January is a great time to find a cute Valentine or in my case Galentine dress to wear in February month of Love! Usually a couple of my girlfriends get together to go out to celebrate “galentine”. We have dinner and celebrate us loving each other.

Last month I found this super cute rose print v-neck dress from Ashley Stewart. Even if I just going out with my friends on the day of love, you can keep it fabulous!

This rose print dress makes my curves feel so good. When I know that a dress has some spandex in it, I always go up a size. Usually I am a size 22, but I went up one size in this dress and it fits perfect. The material is soft, double-knit fabrication with a v-neckline and back zipper. The best part of this dress other than the rose print is the tee-style, short sleeves. This dress is a web exclusive item.

Hope you have a great month of February!



Museum Of Ice Cream With The Bestie!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I like anything with with pecans or walnuts; pecan praline and butter pecan are two of my favorites but my ultimate favorite is RUM RAISIN! If you haven’t tried rum raisin ice cream its delicious and will make you want to go to the Caribbean islands. The rum and raisin mix is an island in your mouth! LOL (I just made that up).

Since my bestie, Fenicia believes that she is an ice cream connoisseur we could not let the MUSEUM Of ICE CREAM come to San Francisco without us seeing it! Fenicia eats ice cream about 3x a week and she likes exotic flavors, but her must have flavor is strawberry!

When we arrived at the museum the wait in line was about 2min, our time slot was 4:00pm, and we were greeted with some Dove chocolates! I loved the energy of the employees, I’m telling you it was really like Disneyland. Each part of the museum has a greeter that tells you little bit about ice cream, we created a team name “The Chocolate Swirl Sprinkles”! We got a chance to be a kid again, we played ring toss on whip cream bottles, sat on a unicorn and tasted unicorn ice cream, went through Gummie Land, jumped in a sprinkles pool, ate cotton candy, tried Japanese ice cream, and explored the history about ice cream all in one place.

Throughout the entire museum you get samples- old school pop rocks candy, mini unciorn ice cream, mochi (Japanese ice cream), and cotton candy. My bestie and I fell in love with a new flavor Peach Bellini ice cream. I really need to find out where they sell it….DELICIOUS!

If you have not been to the museum of ice cream yet they just announced an extension until February in San Fran! Make sure you go online to get your tickets, they are $38 each. Some recommendations are, take Bart (get off on Powell Street and walk a block), wear something comfy and socks so you can jump into the sprinkle pool, eat before but save your room for dessert at the museum (the samples of sweets are delicious), they only accept cards no cash, charge your phone for pictures, buy one souvenir from the gift shop and send a cute ice cream postcard to ask your friend on a ice cream date!



HBCU Homecoming Weekend

A quick weekend getaway to my first HBCU (Historical Black College University) Homecoming! The sound of the Marching band playing, loud music in the parking lot and the smell of ribs, and the blue juice was flowing I knew it was gonna be a Fabulous weekend. For those that don’t know about blue juice, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated makes a great adult beverage.

Homecoming was great way to see educated African-Americans all in one place. Coming from a school, San Francisco State University that doesn’t have a football team I never really experienced the true life of a homecoming. This experience was undescribable and I can’t wait to go my next one next year.

My Pardon My Fro carry on fit everything that I needed for my weekend getaway! I love the Black Afros and gals on the carry on luggage. When you order just know that it may take about 3 weeks to get, each one is made to order.

Outfit deets:Lane Bryant skirt and top, royal blue shirt from Ashley Stewart.



Hello Palm Springs

SNOW in Palm Springs! Wow! The day after Christmas my mom decided to take the family on a rode trip to Palms Springs, I’ve been so many times but not in years. If you don’t know about Palms Springs here is some quick deets: Palm Springs is in the Sonoran Desert of Southern California, its known for its hot springs, stylish hotels, and spas. If you are into vintage boutiques, interior design shops and restaurants this is the place to be! Many people stop here when they go to Coachella because its surrounds that valley.

Usually we stay at my moms local Timeshare but this time the Hyatt Palm Springs was calling our names. The two bedroom suite is a perfect vaction getaway: two full size beds, two TV’s, pull out couch, balcony view of the main strip, mini fridge, and cute bathroom made my stay comfortable. 

My highlight of this trip was the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. First off let me tell you, if you want to go on this adventure be prepare to wait a couple of hours. Since my mom has a Timeshare we bought $20 tickets from them which includes access to the front the line. The 8,516 feet view is worth the wait. This is the world’s largest rotating tramcar. It takes you all the way up to Mt. San Jacinto State Park which has many things to do: camp grounds, hiking, nature exhibits, cafe, and even snow where my cousin and I tried to build a snowman. 

Even though it was cold I wore my INC Faux-Leather Colorblocked Pencil Skirt. Im a size 20/22 but this skirt fits small so I sized up to have more room to a 24. I love this faux-leather skirt, the side zipper brings some edge to it.I paired this skirt with a tank top and brown boots (last years) both from Forever21 Plus, a Black Suede Fringe Jacket (similar), black Ashley Stewart tights (I get the largest size because they run small to me), and the purse and shades were gifts.

I hope you loved my outfit and my adventures in Palm Springs with my family because I had a lovely time. Next month my girlfriends and I are coming to stay which is exciting. 

Remember Plus Size women are Dime pieces which is Top of the line,Always, 2SNAPS to that!



Winter in  Atlanta

Being from Cali I never really get to experience different seasons, but this past Thanksgiving I fell in Love with Winter! This was my first Thanksgiving spent with my Haitian fam in ATL, a well spent one must I add. 

In addition to eating all the delicous Haitian food and the Rhum I went a lot of places with my cousins. After brunch one day I told my cousin to stop in this beautiful field with fall leaves. Its nothing like seeing brown leaves change to red and orange. Makes me wanna move to the south!

Dress:LA Fashion District| Duster:Thift|Shades:Ray-Ban



H&M Plussize Jumpsuit

“NOTHING can stop me, I’m all the way UP!” Everytime I walk into H&M it brings me so much joy,how much plus size clothes they have! Most people think all the plus size clothes are only online, but that’s not true you can find them in the stores too. I found this comfortable jumper and purse right in the store. The jumper is a size 22, and fit just right.

Hope you love my jumper as much as I do.