Melanin Vibes × Vibrant Colors

This past weekend was full of sunshine and positive vibes! On Saturday I decided to spontaneously take some pictures with a photographer named Amir who has been shooting for about 3 months. We decided to take a couple of shoots in West Oakland at the Shoreline. This is truly a hidden venue, the beach feel and the view of the Bay Bridge just gave me a serene atmosphere with positive energy. Amir’s photography captured my each moment, my vibrant colors, his eye for photography is amazing!

The other day someone asked me where do you get your confidence from? I told them from within, its my melanin that pops… my beautiful chocolate skin that gives me life! I love my smile and to smile especially in the mirror brings positive affirmations out my mouth. Cardi B said it perfectly “my biggest competition is myself”. Make sure to live the best you, have positive energy and surround yourself around good vibes.

Outfit deets:

Watermelon purse

Denim shirt (similar)

Skirt:Fashion to Figure

Remember that Curvaceous and Plus size women are Top -of-the-line, Nothing less, ALWAYS, 2 Snaps to that!



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