When I travel having new swimsuits means a lot! I really wanted a bathing suit that fits good, but ordering online is a hit or miss for a plussize beauty like myself. After searching for a while I found this Tadaao Racerback one piece swimsuit from Amazon! I wanted a plain color bathing suit that I could put Fancydime across the front for my 35th birthday to Barbados. After I bought the swimsuit, I just went to the mall and got it added.

This Amazon swimsuit comes in 4 colors; wine red, black, navy blue, and light blue only for 21.99. The fit is tight but felt great on my body. I’m wearing a size 22/24. Every day I’m loving all my curves, rolls and thickness more and more. Confidence is built from the inside, love who you are and look in the mirror and say Yassss to all the beauty! Since I’ve been in Barbados the men have been calling me “Sugar”, they say I look sweet.

Plus size and Curvaceous women are TOP of the line and nothing less, Always 2SNAPS to that!



2 thoughts on “AMAZON SwimSuit

  1. I absolutely love all of your blog posts. I love what you said about confidence is built from the inside which is something I am working on. By the way that swimsuits looks AMAZING on you 😍

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