6 Things A Plus Size Bridesmaid Needs to know About Dresses

The last couple of weddings I’ve been in I was the only plus size girl. Too some this may not be a problem, but for me finding a bridesmaid dress gets a bit difficult. Many thoughts run through my mind, Is the bride going to make us wear strapless? Are my arms going to show? What color will she choose?  Will I look good in the dress?
The first bridal shop many Brides go to is David’s Bridal. There is nothing wrong with David’s Bridal but some of the dresses don’t really fit the way I would like them to. TIP:Remember to size up and do alterations later. Its cheaper if you don’t do it in the store.

Last week I was the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding. I really lucked out because I found the dress at Elegant Lace Bridal in the store, this is where the Bride got her dress as well. One thing I loved about this shop is they carry Alfred Angelo dresses. Alfred Angelo dresses is heaven for any Bride for their Bridesmaids, you may ask why? If you have a different sizes in your wedding this company sizes 0-30w in most dresses and there is no price difference. This means your smaller bridesmaid will pay the same amount as a Fancydime like myself. Yay! Other companies may charge a bit more for plus size dresses.

My spring violet Modern Vintage dress was absolutely beautiful with soft net material. I sized up to 24, but usually wear a size 22. The dress was floor length with fluff out sleeves, this is what made my day. Click here for a similar Modern Vintage look

  1. Most bridesmaids dresses are not true to size, you will have to go up 1 to 2 sizes. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean you got bigger.
  2. Cost: Almost all the Plus Size Bridesmaid dress cost is more than straight size dresses.  Alfred Angelo is one of the only bridal places that all the dresses 0-30w are the same price.
  3. Making Alterations: this could cost a lot but if its something you can sew DIY, but if not check your local cleaners, seamstress or even Joanns/ Beverly’s for help. 
  4. Strapless bra &Spanx: Make sure to wear the proper under garments. The Bridesmaid dress that I wore had a build-in bra so I decided no bra and the dress held me in so no spanx but a good pair of underwear!
  5. Shoes: When doing alterations make sure to bring the heels/shoes you will wear the day of the wedding.
  6.  Have Confidence: Make sure you look in the mirror to see how beautiful you are. Your hair, make up and most importantly the Dress…smile and know you’re the Shhhh.

Its a great experience being a Bridesmaid but know its a lot of work as well. The dress is only one important part of the experience, the other is making the Bride happy! Make sure you share your bridesmaid looks with me. Hope you loved the tips and my look.!



Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Its nothing like having a surprise day for your two nieces. About a week ago I planned to take my Goddaughter and my friends daughter to Santa Cruz! I was in for a treat because my cousin and one of my bestie decided to come too.

If you ever decide to go to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk you can go for Retro Monday and Tuesday nights (5pm-close). Everything is $1! All the rides, sodas, and hot dogs. I got on so many rides but its nothing like the old school bumper cars.

Outfit Deets:Comfy and Chic. Lane Bryant activewear leggings|Ashley Stewart purse & sandals| Old Navy white shirt| Sunnies from Vegas & black long vest thrifted

My nieces and I

Enjoy your Summer 2016,