Attending a Graduation? What to Wear?

I’m am so excited for all my friends that graduated class of 2016. I have been to at least 5 graduations in the past 2 weeks, finding outfits is hard! What to wear? What not to wear? Here are a couple of tips.

1. Heels: I will never wear heels again to any graduation celebration…too many people, long lines, no seats, to far of a walk let’s just say PACKED!

2. Location: This is very important, if it’s outside like the graduation that I went to today make sure you’re prepared. I dressed cool,had water and a fan.

3.Phone Service: Make sure you charge your phone the night before. If you don’t charge your phone, I guess no pictures for you.

4.Meet Up: If meeting up in a group have a set time and location to meet up or ride together. In large crowds everyone is on their phones, so phone service sometimes doesn’t work to find the spot.

5. Snacks: Graduations are long so always bring a snack or two because you never know. I stay with something in my clutch. LoL!

Being an alumni from San Francisco State, every year I come back to be one of the coordinators for our “Black Grad”. The Black/African graduation is a great time students celebrate each other. Here are my outfits from all the graduations.





Happy Graduation Season!!!

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