“Plus Size Fashion West Coast Woman”~T-Shirts


Whether you are an L or 4XL these Fancydime shirts are for you! I am so excited about my new Fancydime V-neck Tees! For about two years I wanted to create t-shirts for all women especially for the curvy and plus size woman.  Also for the woman who supports Plus Size Fashion!  Finally after a lot of hard work three of my friends helped me make my vision come true.  When people believe in you and your vision it makes me feel more confident.  I have some of the best friends in the world, they continue to support me every day as they understand that I want to show curvy and plus size women that they are bomb.com!

My tees are all black with either pink or purple writing that says “Plus Size Fashion…West Coast Woman”.  I had to represent for the West Coast LOL.  Pink and purple are my favorite colors so I decided to start with them.  The shirts come in sizes L-4X and retail at $25.  My shirts are designed for all women who support the curvy gal.  You don’t have to actually be a plus size woman to wear the shirt, but you can be someone who supports our fashion.  I absolutely love my shirts!  Usually I wear a size 3X, but in this shirt I sized down to a 2X and was comfy.  Feel free to ask me any questions. Click here to order your shirts Fancydime Tees.

I’m a confident size 22 plus size woman who supports Plus Size Fashion and a West Coast Woman!  No matter the size, you can have your own style and wear these tees.  A couple of my friends of all shapes and sizes got together to take a few pictures in the tees. My friends who took pictures with me range from a size 12 to 28 and work in different fields of life.  I have the comfy and everyday wear, curvy chic gal, the party rocker, the natural hair stylist, the upcoming plus size curvaceous model, the model agent and me the blogger!



Fancydime 2XL tee


The Curvy Chic Gal Size Large Tee


Comfy & Everyday Wear Gal XL tee


The Up & Coming Model Size XL Tee


The Party Rocker 4X Gal


The Model Agent Gal Size L tee


The Natural Hair Stylist Gal Size XL tee


Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are Top of the line and nothing less, Always 2SNAPS to that!


Fancydime and her Friends


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