Shop Your Closet~Holiday Look


Last week I stepped out to an African American Professionals Holiday Party. I just wanted to share my holiday look with you all. Basically I shopped my own closet for this look. My red tutu is from my birthday this year and my sweater came from Lane Bryant a couple years ago, but the shoes are this year from LB.
There is to many holiday parties, like work, friends, and family that I can’t afford to buy an outfit for each. This holiday season I took time to shop my closet. What does that mean? I literally put together a few outfits for each of the holiday funtions that I needed to attend. Before you go out and buy an entire look always shop your closet!  When you look at what you have, you just might find an entire outfit like I did.

Happy Holidays! Remember that curvaceous and plus size woman are TOP of the line and nothing less, Always 2SNAPS to that!


2 thoughts on “Shop Your Closet~Holiday Look

  1. You put together a nice outfit!!! And yes, TUTU’s are the BEST!!! I have four of them!!! Thanks for all that you do!!!💜👏🏾

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