“You Only Live Once”~Clay Adventures


I believe that since you only live once, live life to the fullest.  That’s what I do! Yesterday 3 friends and I went ceramic making in El Cerrito, CA. It was one of my friends birthday and she has always wanted to go clay making like in the movie Ghost, to bad it was all ladies (LoL).  The place we went to is called Play with Clay.

This was my first time doing an ceramic class and who  knew it would be a 3 step process to make my creation. First you make whatever you want out of clay and decorate it. Then 3 weeks later you come back to glaze it and you come back a week later to pick it up. It’s a long process,  but I know it’s worth it. Our class was 3 hours long,  which is enough time to make 2 to 3 clay creations. I decided to make 2, an ice cream bowl and a cup.




Here are 5 things you should know before jumping right into a clay making class.
1. Wear something that is comfortable and you don’t care if it gets dirty.
2. Go at a time where your nails aren’t done. The clay gets all in your nails and is really messy.
3. Go with a group of friends! Our instructor said 4 is the perfect number because she can easily help everyone.
4. Get some ideas of what you want to make before hand. I knew I wanted to make a ice cream bowl.
5. Make sure you wear a head scarf, hat, or tie your hair up. The clay gets messy.

Have a great day!  I had so much fun, let me know if you ever go. Here’s some pictures from yesterday.




My Ice Cream Bowl

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