H&M’s Leopard Maxi Dress~Size Doesn’t Matter


Who knew that I could fit clothes in H&M!  A long time ago I remember that one of my friends worked at H&M and she told me that have XL and XXL, and I bought a pair of joggers then.  But I haven’t returned back until last week when I went with my two guy friends.   Originally I was going shopping to help them find an outfit for the Jill Scott concert and ended up eyeing a cute leopard print and a military green maxi dress that had my name all over it.  I literally walked over and felt the stretch material and knew it would fit me. The dresses only come in sizes S-L, but I didn’t care.  Quick Sidenote: Learn how to eye material and clothing.  Usually stretch material will fit to your size.  If it’s something that I like I always look at it and feel the material to see if it fits.  In this case I grabbed a L, went into the try on room and was like its to BIG! My thoughts inside my head was like get it girl, I lost weight!  But I knew that it was the material which is fine with me because I love myself.  I decided to try on a medium and loved it.  I wore my H&M Dress paired it with my Ross Dress For Less black purse and cute Nordstrom Rack sandals.

Next time you go inside H&M don’t just walk over to the accessories part of the store, go see what clothes you can wear.  Let me know if you find any other pieces that work for the curvy plus size women.




Remember that Curvaceous and  Plus Size Women are Top of the Line, Always, 2SNAPS to that!


Photo Cred:Chika Emeka

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