Last Minute Treasures


It’s nothing like a last minute outfit straight from your closet! I work better sometimes under pressure when it comes to throwing an outfit together. Yesterday I was going to see Frankie Beverly and Maze with my best friend Fenicia,  and I just put this together.  It was literally 100 degrees yesterday in the Bay Area so I needed an outfit that was cool and still screamed outdoor concert!

My Garnerstyle for Rebdolls midi skirt fits me right in all all the right places! The skirt is a 3X. I paired it with a black tank top from Rainbow for 2 for $7 and my ROSS cover up for 12.99 (my hidden treasure stores). my shoes are Kennth Cole and my purse is thift. My outfit was a great look for this beautiful outdoor concert.  If you’re ever in the Bay Area the Saratoga Mountain Winery is the place to go.



Enjoy your week and remember that curvy and plus size women are Top line and nothing less, Always, 2SNAPS to that!

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