Fancydime Turns 2 Years


Happy Birthday Fancydime!  On this very day two years ago I decided to start my blog.  I was nervous, scared, but confident that I needed to show others this curvy and plus size woman. This journey has been amazing. I had the chance to meet some of my favorite bloggers, celebrities, and followers that really inspire me.

My very first event I asked my four friends (Fred, Lauren, LaToya, Kei) to come to LA with me for Fashion Week and they all said yes. This Full Figured Fashion Show changed my life. I knew that I would enjoy and love blogging.  This is also where I met Chastity from Garnerstyle and a ton of other bloggers.
The last two years have been…for the first time I’m speechless.  During my first year I told all my friends that I was going to New York’s Full Figured Fashion Week and my dream came true. Elaine, my sister, friend and one of my photographers came with me…oh boy we had a blast! Now, in my second year not only did I get to go to New York for the Curvycon, I got to be the volunteers coordinator of the event.

At the Curvycon I got to meet Kierra Sheard and buy this sassy green dress. Her new line MyEleven60 is fabulous.  I was nervous to wear this dress but when I got into it, it made me feel beautiful.  I decided to reverse the dress, the zipper really goes in the back (I love it in the front).


I’m living one of my dreams…Blogger, Assistant to Chastity, New Webseries,  and can’t wait to see where God has in store for me.

Remember that Plus Size Women are Top of the Line, Always, 2SNAPS to that!


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