Target’s Multi Print Dress


Any day is a great day when you walk into Target to get one thing, then you find a ton of other things that you don’t really need. We’ll I needed this cute Multi Print dress and bought it!  It seems like every girl from straight size to plus size has this exact dress.  I fell in love with this multi print, it reminds me of African print which I love.  This dress fits perfectly for me and comes in sizes S to XXL.  I wore this dress last weekend for my birthday game night.  It is comfortable and the plus is the front zipper, if you want to be a little sexier you can zip it down a bit or you can leave it zipped up.  It wasn’t hard to match this Target Dress with my white Forever21 purse and throw on my black Payless Shoes.  Hope you enjoy my outfit of the day.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are Top of the line and nothing less, Always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!



4 thoughts on “Target’s Multi Print Dress

  1. I can totally understand the buying more than asked for when you should be focus on one thing. That dress is so pretty and I have one from Forever 21 with the zipper in the front. Your style is so incredible. Thanks for showing me new ways to make it look cute.

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