32 Birthday Candles!!!

Turning a year older means blessings, parties to plan, happiness and joy, but most importantly a Birthday Outfit! Last year I wore https://fancydime.com/2014/03/ which I loved the fit, but this year I needed to blow my 32 Birthday Candles out in a fun and sexy outfit.

I got my birthday outfit inspiration from my friend and fashion blogger GarnerStyle. When I saw her red tutu it screamed me all over it! LOL. Once I got the cute and fun tutu, I shopped in my own closet to find pieces to put together. It’s great to shop in your closet before buying new clothes or accessories because you can find hidden treasures sometimes or clothes that you haven’t worn in a while. I lucked out and found my sexy lace strapless peplum top from Torrid; my black clutch, and my black & white belt from Lane Bryant . I tucked in my peplum top for the look; the clutch was worn last year for my birthday (it goes with everything); I tried on my black and white belt and it worked for this look. The tutu is a size 18 from eShakti. Three things I love about this tutu is the mid calf length, the side zipper that holds you in, but banded waist with an elastic smocked center back waist, and a plus is the side pockets. My moto jacket is from a local thrift store, click here for a similar look .

31 years old was great, but I know 32 will be filled with more success, happiness, love, wisdom, and fun! I blew out all of my 32 Birthday Candles on my carrot cake (my fav), and my new chapter has begun.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are Top of the line and nothing less, Always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!


Purse:Lane Bryant|Shoes: Payless

Purse:Lane Bryant|Shoes:Payless Shoes

Photos taken by Karen Spicer

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