Lunch at 10th & Wood


Yesterday I had lunch at this delicious place called 10th & Wood in downtown Oakland.  A couple of weeks ago my cousin brought me a scrumptious breakfast sandwich; homemade biscuit with bacon, cheese and of course my strawberry jelly. This was a “fancydime’s” dream come true with home fries. This a place that I had to check out, but needed to wait a few weeks to indulge. 

Yesterday I wanted to make it for breakfast but I arrived around noon, it’s over at 11:15am. When I walked in I loved the cozy environment right in West Oakland. It reminded me of a tree house feel. I looked over the menu and was going to get a fried chicken sandwich,  but decided on the fish sandwich.  The fish was fried perfect with house mayo, red cabbage, sliced jalapeños (which gave just enough spice) served with your choice of a salad, fries or sweet potato fries (I chose fries). I secretly wanted this on one of their homemade biscuits that they make daily, but it came on bread. The funny thing is they had a few biscuits left over so I got one!  If you’re in West Oakland you gonna visit10th & Wood it’s delicious for breakfast and lunch. I’m so happy that my cousin found this place!

Let me know if you stop by and tell me your experience.


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Fried Fish Sandwich



2 thoughts on “Lunch at 10th & Wood

  1. I went to this place about a week or so ago after being referred by a fellow employee. It was truly amazing. I am glad that Oakland are creating new places to eat at they are not so much of the norm, I.e. McDonald’s, Taco Bell. I purchased the chicken sandwich with a salad that was truly something good. I do plan on going back.

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