“New York State of Mind”~Full Figured Fashion Week

As soon as the airplane landed in New York, my heart was beating super fast (over joyed with excitement) to attend the fabulous Full Figured Fashion Week. Last week I had the time of my life with my friend and photography Elaine. Elaine and I explored all over New York City, from getting some delicious cheesecake from Boss Cake in Manhattan to Soho’s Ms. Lilly’s Jamaican food. But the real reason why I came to the Big Apple was to experience the last Full Figured Fashion Week 2014 (FFFW). Last summer I told all of my friends that I was going to make it to this FFFW, and this I did. Having my hotel across the street from Madison Square Garden was a true delight; we were in a prime location and had the time of our lives.

Jumper:Rainbow Purse:Wal-Mart Shoes: Macy's

Shoes: Macy’s

Subway Life

Elaine with the Subway Life

My 4 Top Events:

“Curves Rule Everything Around Me”
Feminine Funk Presented the “Cream” pop up show/day party at Pranna in New York. It was amazing! Not only did I get to meet and talk with the two fabulous host Chante from and my Haitian sista Peggy from , I got to talk with Nicole the creator of Feminine Funk and buy the cutest crop top shirt “I Wear What I Want”. Also got to really feel, try on and by Zeliforshe’s clothing. I can’t wait to wear my skirt! “Cream” was a pop of surprise I got drinks, food, make-up, crop tops, laughter and fun all in one.
DSCF4644DSCF4647DSCF4646DSCF4643Ontheqtrain and  I

Designer Zelieforshe

Designer Zelieforshe


I was so excited to attend my first invitation only event! MODAMIX launch of their Plus Size Fashion Line looked amazing. I love, love, love, the Fall line and can’t wait to buy my MODAMIX outfits from Macy’s. I was amongst the best of the best of stylish Plus Size Bloggers. I was so happy that I got to meet some amazing people.
src=”https://fancydime.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/dscf4758.jpg” alt=”The lovely Lapecosapreciosa and I” width=”640″ height=”853″ class=”size-full wp-image-840″ /> The lovely Lapecosapreciosa and I[/caption]

Fashionable Garnerstyle and I

Fashionable Garnerstyle and I

One of the coolest people Thickgrlscloset

One of the coolest people Thickgrlscloset

Editor at Plus Model Magazine and I

Editor at Plus Model Magazine and I

“Curves in the City Trunk Show”
I must say Thursday was a busy day for me, so by the time I got to this Trunk Show I was exhausted, but it was worth attending. I was greeted as soon as I walked in by the event planner and a glass of white wine. I got to meet some great people like Shatrovia Phillips who just wrote a book entitled , I can’t wait to read it. Also I was absolutely in love Ebony’s C.O.C. (“Curves of Confidence”) t-shirts. It was so much shopping that I can’t wait to do a blog post of all my outfits that I found.
"All Hail the Queen"Eddy & Bri

Curves of Confidence

Curves of Confidence

Love Her!

Love Her!


Indie Designer Showcase
Friday was my last night in the big apple, but not only did I have a fab time at the showcase I met some amazing people. The designers were excellent, I really loved the

I dedicated this blog post to all of my supports, followers, family and friends who have supported this year. I love you all!

Remember that Plus Size Women are TOP of the LINE and nothing less, Always, 2SNAPS to that!


One thought on ““New York State of Mind”~Full Figured Fashion Week

  1. Roomie, I SEE you! Great post glad you were able to capture some great aspects of the trip! Dear NY, until we meet again!

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