Mini Vacation ~ Top 5 Items to Bring to Wear

This spring I told myself that I was going to do 3 things; show some more skin, be confident in who I am and love myself more and more every day. Since I turned 31 years old two weeks ago I continued to celebrate my birthday last weekend by traveling with my girls on a mini vacation to Vegas! Las Vegas was so much fun and I enjoyed my 4 days in “sin city” LOL.

When traveling on a mini vacation these are the top 5 items I always bring to wear:
1. Under Garments: I always make sure that I wear some type of spanx or shaper under my outfits. I brought 3 different shapers on this mini vacation that I found all at Walmart (full body shaper, shorts shaper, and panty shaper). They are all true to size, I got a 3x in all of them and they are made by Maidenform. Also a strapless bra is necessary, and you already know to invest in good bra.

2. Black Dress: You never can go wrong with a cute black dress. I decided to bring this all black peplum dress with lace at the top that I bought at ROSS. It really fits me well. Also I wore a lace top (Macy’s), leporad bra (Lane Bryant), black skirt (Forever21) size large, Purse (ROSS).

3. Shorts: I love having a good pair of comfortable shorts to show off my thick thighs. I brought my Torrid shorts that I bought last summer. I paired it with this beige Lane Bryant shirt and Payless heels.

4. Day Dress: I brought a green maxi dress that I got from a small boutique in Oakland and a cute black day dress that I just got from Lane Bryant.

5. Swimwear: For this mini vacation I decided to bring two options for swim wear. I mixed and matched my bottom and bikini top. My first look is a mint green bikini top that I got at Forever21 in the plus size section. I am wearing a 3x in it.

The second look is a purple top from Walmart. Originally this purple top had straps, but I made it strapless (it looked better). Side note: I wore strapless Lane Bryant bras with my swimsuits.
20140330_143817 (1)

The hot pink bottoms are from Lane Bryant (I’m wearing a size 22). They are very comfortable and hold everything in. I love them!


I hope you enjoyed my mini vacation outfits. Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!


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