“You Are My African Queen…”

Every year during the month of February I put on a Black History Assembly for my students at the Elementary School I work at. This year I focused on African American inventors and people of African descent. I wanted my students to understand and learn that they can be anything they want to be in life. Also I shared with my youth that there are people at our school that have African descent, meaning they are from another country where they speak a different language or they may look like they’re Black but be from another country.

During the Black History Assembly we showcased historical music from the 1920’s until present. Also I did a flag presentation which focused on students and staff that are of African descent from other countries. This was very important to me being that my father is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I wanted to share with my students that my father speaks other languages and my grandma doesn’t speak English, because when students look at me they see the color of my skin nothing else. The flags that participated in the presentation were Belize, Brazil, Haiti, Honduras, Libra, and Puerto Rico.

The outfit that I decided to wear during the flag presentation is an African dress that I designed and my friend’s Libran head wrap. “You look like and African Queen” many of my students told me, and I truly felt like one. This dress I designed for my graduation from grad school about 5 years old. But I love finding old clothes in my closet and making them new again. I hope you love my African attire as much as my kids did.


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