Featured Fridays is a way that I can showcase Curvaceous and Plus Size Women rockin’ an outfit that I would wear or simply because I like their style. Also I will showcase fashionable local businesses that cater to curvaceous and plus size women. Today’s Feature is a fly woman named Sukay. Sukay Sow’s beautiful smile and stylish outfit captured my attention when I met her. This Oakland born and raised West African and Native American loves to mix up comfy and sexy for the curvy women. She has such a great spirit and is a self-confident curvy woman. When I first saw this “Iconic” shirt that she is rockin’ I thought it was just a top, but this is a hoodie that she matched with her cute peak –a- boo skirt. I love how she threw a hoodie, skirt and some heels on! Sukay’s entire outfit is from one of my favorite stores, Forever21. The great thing about Forever21 is that we curvy girls can find something that fits even if your particular store doesn’t have plus sizes. I hope you enjoyed this comfy and sexy look because I know I did!

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!





20131218_224252 (1)

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