Featured Fridays~Crop Top Love

20130902_174806Featured Fridays is a way that I can showcase Curvaceous and Plus Size Women rockin’ an outfit that I would wear or simply because I like their style. Also I will showcase fashionable local businesses that cater to curvaceous and plus size women. Today I have decided to feature my Curvaceous friend from Richmond, CA named Fred. I was at a summer BBQ when Fred wore this cute print skirt and crop top that I fell in love with. My first question was where did you get your outfit? I love the colors of this outfit and you can wear this in summer or fall. Fred inspired the blog post called “It’s A Crop Top Kind of Day”, which I felt so amazing wearing the entire outfit. She is a confident woman who is fashionable and loves trying different looks out. She is wearing a blue leopard print skirt with a crop top. I love this outfit! Make sure you check every Friday for more curvaceous Features, it just might be you! I hope you enjoy.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2 SNAPS TO THAT!



Crop Tops/Print Skirt:JCPenney|Shoes:Avenue|Earrings:Street Vendor,San Francisco,CA

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