Curvy In Camouflage

I went to Lane Bryant a couple of weeks ago and found this cute camouflage shirt that I fell in love with, but didn’t know what to wear with it. I have never really worn the military look, but since it is back in style I decided to see how it looks on me. Other than the shirt being comfortable, the hint of fuchsia at the sleeves and brown studded jewels on the collar really make it girlie, which I love! I decided to match this camouflage shirt with my skinny red jeans and a skinny red belt (everything doesn’t have to match as long as it looks great together). This outfit is a two in one, I first put on my combat boots like I was about to step in a step show and then put on my wedges to step out to a party. If you are looking for a comfortable outfit that is trendy and girlie this is it! Let me know how you like the look.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2Snaps to that!


10589691033 - Copy12069721016

Camouflage Shirt/Jeans/Belt: Lane Bryant
Comabt Boots/Wedges: Soda Shoes
Photo Credit: Nutia Koayen

Website Links:
Lane Bryant
Soda Shoes

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