Tribal Print and Peplum

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I received a lot of positive reviews from the All Black Everything leather pants and peplum top outfit; I had to see how the peplum would look with a tribal print bottom. The tribal print pants are fashionable and comfy.

Make sure you Like, Comment and tell me what you think about this look.

Remember that curvaceous and plus size women are dime pieces who are top of the line and nothing less, always, 2Snaps to that!



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eyesprint outfit - CopyDSC_0317pantsarms shown

Top: Torrid

Tribal Print Pants:Collage Clothing Lounge, Oakland,CA

Purse: Steve Madden

Shoes: LA Boutique

Photot Credit: Nutia Koayen and Elaine Hicks

5 thoughts on “Tribal Print and Peplum

  1. The look is fierce and very appealing. Keep up the good work. The clothes you are presenting further capitivates your wonderful smile, great personality and wonderful spirit.

    • Chris,

      It means so much to me that you took out the time to make a comment. Yes, I’m trying to capture the great personality and smile that everyone says I have. Thanks for all the support.


  2. Cute outfit. I like the way you worked the leggings. Leggings are one of those items that can go wrong when folks wear them like their pants. No matter what size the woman is. The peplum is a tasteful classy compliment to them…Love the shoes!!!

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