Trayvon Martin Mural

I Am Trayvon Martin
As I walked to get drinks with my friends in downtown Oakland, I came across a Mural dedicated to Trayvon Martin by a group of local Artists called “Trust Your Struggle”. Mister Bouncer, one of the artist who is from Berkeley was spray painting the main image of Trayvon Martin. As he took a break to look at his art work, I began talking to him about the fabulous pieces of art that was being displayed. I couldn’t believe they were using only spray paint, and were free handing images of youth from a photo that they held in their hand. The “Trust Your Struggle” local Oakland Artists came across this particular location on the corner of 17th and Telegraph because it was a boarded up window that someone broke during the protest after the Trayvon Martin verdict. Youth Radio asked the Artists from “Trust Your Struggle” to come and paint on the boarded up window. I kept asking myself who would break a youth organizations window? As I stood for about a good 10 minutes watching the Artists spray paint each image,so many thoughts ran through my mind.

youth radioYouth Radio is "the highest quality media production, Youth Radio equips the next generation with skills and support that lead to jobs and education. Partnering 14-24 year-olds with industry leaders, Youth Radio produces digital media and Peabody-award winning journalism that is distributed nationally. Through hands-on work experience, support services and a creative outlet, Youth Radio prepares young people for employment and ultimately transforms live". 20130719_20115720130719_200923

cece carpio20130721_16050020130721_160432

mister bouncerMister Bouncer explained that the images that each Artist spray painted was one of the youth from the Youth Radio organization. The youth came up with the idea of having the Artists spray paint them all wearing a hoodie.


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