Sunday Brunch

This is a perfect example of how I went to a average size store and fell in love with this beautiful patterned skirt.

Skirt: Collage Clothing Lounge, Oakland, CA

Black Shirt: Forever 21

Necklace: a local boutique in Alameda, CA

Sandals: Payless ShoesSource

10 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

    • Hey girlie, first thank you so much for supporting this journey with me. I got this natural hair by going to sleep and waking up!LOL. Truly it is so much work doing my hair. I do a lot of twist and braid outs! When I’m not being lazy I will twist or braid my hair in sections at night and wake up early enough to untwist or take out the braids…it comes out beautiful. Natural hair is fun, free, and a lot of work. Hope this helps you.

      • I know I’m a few days late lol but thank you for the advice and I flat ironed it last night and poof is it big this morning lol will have to figure it out imy I hope you Are having a fantastic summer!

  1. I am in Love with this skirt but really in love with your style in general! You are gorgeous, the world needs to see those curves of yours. Best wishes. I look forward to seeing more great work. Let’s link up!

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